Ragnar Gunnarsson

Twiceborn Spear of Odin


Player: Jeff
Template: Emissary of Power
Appearance: This guy, but with a shirt on (usually).

Aspects Skills
High Concept Spear of Odin Superb (+5) Slots: 0
Trouble The Gods Must Be Crazy Great (+4) Slots: 1 Conviction
Phase One Born Out of Time Good (+3) Slots: 2 Weapons, Endurance, Might
Phase Two Don’t Know When to Give Up Fair (+2) Slots: 3 Fists, Athletics, Alertness
Phase Three Strength & Honor Average (+1) Slots: 4 Survival, Craftsmanship, Stealth, Investigation, Lore, Driving
Phase Four Ragnar Ex Machina Stunts & Powers Cost
Phase Five Abandon None Guide My Hand -1
Stress Inhuman Toughness -2
Physical ○○○○○○●● Inhuman Recovery -2
Mental ○○○○●●●● The Catch: Mistletoe +4
Social ○○●●●●●● Battle Focus (stunt, Armor:2 vs social attacks during physical combat) -1

Phase One: Ragnar Gunnarsson lived as a viking warrior in the mid-to-later stages of the viking era (approx 500 AD). He lived, fought, and died in service to Odin the All-father. He was tasked by Odin (by proxy of his ravens Huginn and Muninn of course) to go to the new world and disrupt whatever mischief Loki is up to this time. In attempting this quest, Ragnar was slain and presumably taken to Valhalla by Valkyries. Rather than ending with his death, Ragnar’s tale continued. A present day priest (Geir Olafson) of Odin’s Cult of the Dead harnessed a group of drum-circle hippies in Robert’s Creek to perform a ritual and beseeched the All-father to send help, as Loki and the Raven were at it again. Odin chose Ragnar from among his einherjar and sent him back to Midgard to get it right this time. Though he was not sent back empty handed..

Phase Two: Finding himself out of place in the modern world, he was unwillingly educated in the finer points of ‘Culture Shock’; modern society does not appreciate even the most polite of Viking problem solving methods. As he adjusted to his second life (learning English, finding odd jobs, trying not to be too much of a hobo), he managed to befriend a young street kid named Astrid (~12-14-ish) who somehow managed to remind him of one of his original children. Astrid helped Ragnar get his bearings in the new world, and he looked out for her like a father. His first forays into trying to find the players in the war did not go well, and he wound up getting beat down and driven away with regularity. On occasion, the ravens still check in, as if to remind him of his duty.

Phase Three: Brother Down When the war rages into the heart of the Brotherhood of the Stones and drags them into its conflicts, Ragnar must try to keep them from exacerbating the war seeking vengeance on the ‘enemies of nature’. But will he be able to bring them back into the sight of Odin’s Eye when he finds himself pitted against the wits of Loki and The Raven, the anger of the Earth Spirit, and the folly of the Brotherhood?

Phase Four: Fool Rushes In”, Guest Starring: Miguel (Richard) Ragnar met Miguel when they both found work at the same jobsite through a temp agency. On the job, Miguel noticed something was wrong with the employer/employee relations, and realized there was a human trafficking operation at play. Miguel tried to intercede on behalf of the slaves and found himself far overpowered by the thugs. Ragnar stumbled upon the beating and came to Miguel’s rescue. The two of them barely escaped the facility with the thrugs trying to ensure no witnesses.

Phase Five: Daddy Issues”, Guest Starring: Hansel Bellic (Greg) When Astrid was abducted and taken to Sigmund Crane as fodder to feed on, Ragnar went on the warpath trying to find her. When he ran afoul of the law and was held in the drunk tank for a few days, Hansel Bellic felt bad about the situation, got Ragnar some false ID, and pointed him roughly in Crane’s direction. Ragnar investigated, found Astrid’s location, confronted Crane, and intimidated him into leaving him and Astrid alone.

Ragnar Gunnarsson

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